[Lyric] Hidden Track – INFINITE [Hangul, Romanization, English]

Posted on: November 18, 2011

Hidden Track


햇살이 내리는 사이마다

흰구름 흐르는 사이마다

바람이 스치는 사이마다

니가 빛쳐

시간을 타고서 내입에도

진하게 번져와 매일에도

그리움 가득히 나에게 또


아련히 너

수줍게 너

날 타고 와 흔들어

잔잔히 너

여전히 너

기역으로 이어져

또 나

늘 나

그리움에 살아

이미 나

이미 나

축억에 잠겨있어


Haetsal ee naeri neun saeui mada

Hin gureum heureu neun saeui mada

Baram ee seuchi neun saeui mada

Niga bichyeo

Shiganeul tagosuh naeip aedo

Jinhagae beonjyeo wa maeil hae do

Geurim gadeukhi na aegae ddo

Seumyuh wa


Ahryunhee nuh

Sujoobgae nuh

Nal tago wa heundeuluh


Janjanhi neol

Yeojeonhi neol

Gieokeuro ee uh jyuh


Ddo na


Geuriwoom ae sal ah


Imi na

Imi na

Chueokae jam gyeo issuh


Whenever the sunlight falls

Whenever the white clouds flow by

Whenever the wind passes by

You shine

Following time,

it spreads deeply in my mouth even if I say it everyday

It seeps into me again, full of longingness


Faintly you

Shyly you

Come towards me and shake me


Quietly you

You still continue in my memories


And I

I always live in longingness


Already I

Already I

Am locked in our memories


All Credit: k/t/r cr ; hyejin @ infinite updates + naver blog ; take out with FULL credits via


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