[Lyric] You and I (너랑 나) – IU [Hangul, Romanization, English]

Posted on: December 5, 2011


You and I (너랑 나)


시곌 보며 속삭이는 비밀들
간절한 내 맘속 이야기
지금 내 모습을 해쳐도 좋아
나를 재촉하면 할수록 좋아
내 이름 불러줘

* 손 틈새로 비치는 내 맘 들킬까 두려워
가슴이 막 벅차 서러워
조금만 꼭 참고 날 기다려줘
너랑 나랑은 지금 안되지
시계를 더 보채고 싶지만
네가 있던 미래에서
내 이름을 불러줘

내가 먼저 엿보고 온 시간들
너와 내가 함께였었지
나랑 놀아주는 그대가 좋아
내가 물어보면 그대도 좋아
내 이름이 뭐야

* Repeat

눈 깜박하면 어른이 될 거에요
날 알아보겠죠 그댄 기억하겠죠
그래 기묘했던 아이
손 틈새로 비치는 네 모습 참 좋다

손끝으로 돌리며 시곗바늘아 달려봐
조금만 더 빨리 날아봐
두 눈을 꼭 감고 마법을 건다
너랑 나랑은 조금 남았지
몇 날 몇실진 모르겠지만
네가 있을 미래에서
혹시 내가 헤맨다면
너를 알아볼 수 있게
내 이름을 불러줘



sigyel bomyeo soksagineun bimildeul
ganjeolhan nae mamsok iyagi
jigeum nae moseubeul haechyeodo joha
nareul jae chokhamyeon halsurok joha
nae ireum bulleojwo

son teumsaero bichineun nae mam deulkilkka duryeowo
gaseumi mak beokcha seoreowo
jogeumman kkok chamgo nal gidaryeojwo
neorang narangeun jigeum andwoeji
sigyereul deo bochaego sipjiman
nega itdeon mirae-e seo
nae ireumeul bulleojwo

naega meonjeo yeotbogo on sigandeul
neowa naega hamkkeyeosseotji
narang norajuneun geudaega joha
naega mureobomyeon geudaedo joha
nae ireumi mwoya

son teumsaero bichineun nae mam deuljkilkka duryeowo
gaseumi mak beokcha sareowo
jogeumman kkok chamgo nal gidaryeojwo
neorang narangeun jigeum andoeji
sigyeoreul deo bochaego sipjiman
nega itdeon mirae-eseo
nae ireumeul bulleojwo

nun kkambakhamyeon eoreuni doel geoeyo
nal arabogetjyo geudaen gieokhagetjyo
geurae gimyeohaetdeon ai
son teumsaero bichineun ne moseub cham johda

sonkkeuteuro dollimyeo sigyetbaneura dallyeobwa
jogeumman deo ppalli narabwa
du nuneul kkok gamgo mabeobeul geonda
neorang narangeun jogeum namatji
myeok nal myeoksiljin moreugetjiman
nega isseul mirae-eseo
hoksi naega hemandameyon
neoreul arabol su itge
nae ireumeul bulleojwo



The whispered secrets as I look at the clock
The sincere story in my heart
It’s okay if I am hurt
The more I am pushed, the better
Please call out my name

* I’m afraid my heart will be revealed in between my hands
My heart is overwhelmed, it’s sad
Please wait a bit more and wait for me
You and I, we can’t be right now
I want to push on the clock even more but
In the future, which you will be in
Please call out my name

The times that I first peeped at
You and I, we were together
I like you, who plays with me
If I ask you, you like me too
What is my name?

* Repeat

In a blink of an eye, I’ll be an adult
I hope you recognize me, I hope you remember me
Yes that strange child
I really like your image that shines in between my hands

I turn it with my fingertips – hey clock hand, please run
Turn a little bit faster
I tightly close my two eyes and cast a spell
You and I, there’s only a little bit left
I don’t know when or what time
But in the future, which you will be in –
By any chance, if I get lost and wander,
So that I can recognize you,
Please call out my name

credit: popgasa!

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