[Lyric] 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) – 2AM [Hangul, Romanization, English]

Posted on: May 9, 2012

너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me)


하루종일 니 생각만 하다가

한 가닥 눈물이 멋대로 주르륵 흐른다

걸음걸음 니 모습이 밟혀서
일을 하다가도 나도 모르게 또 흐른다

(우후후후후) 노래를 불러도
(우후후후후) 거리를 걸어도
(우후후후후) 온통 니 생각 뿐인데

*너도 나처럼 이렇게 아픈지
너도 나처럼 눈물 나는지
너도 하루종일 이렇게 추억에 사는지 꼭 나처럼

억지라도 웃을 일 참 많은데
태엽 인형처럼 주어진 일처럼 웃는다

(우후후후후) TV를 보아도
(우후후후후) 친구를 만나도
(우후후후후) 온통 니 생각 뿐인데


매일을 웃으니까
웃는 모습만 보여주니까 내가 행복한 줄만 아나 봐
어떻게 웃어 내가 어떻게 웃어 니가 없는데
웃어도 웃어도 눈물이 또 흘러




harujon-gil ni saenggangman hada-ga
han gadang nun-mu-ri meot-daero jureureuk heureunda

keo-reumkeo-reum ni moseubi balbhyeoseo
i-reul hada-gado nado moreuge tto heureunda

(uhuhuhuhu) noraereul bu-lleodo
(uhuhuhuhu) keorireul keo-reodo
(uhuhuhuhu) ontong ni saenggag ppuninde

*neodo nacheoreom ireohke apeunji
neodo nacheoreom nun-mul naneunji
neodo harujon-girireohke chu-eo-ge saneunji kkong nacheoreom

eokjirado useuril cham manheunde
taeyeob inhyeong-cheoreom ju-eojin ilcheoreom unneunda

(uhuhuhuhu) TVreul bo-wado
(uhuhuhuhu) chingureul mannado
(uhuhuhuhu) ontong ni saenggag ppuninde


mae-i-reul useunikka
unneun moseubman boyeojunikka nae-ga haengbokhan julman ana bwah
eotteohke useo nae-ga eotteohke useo ni-ga eom-neunde
useodo useodo nun-mu-ri tto heu-lleo



As I think only of you all day
A single stream of tear flows on its own

Step by step, I see you
So even as I work, tears flow without me knowing

Even when I sing
Even when I walk the streets
I’m filled with thoughts of you

* I wonder if you hurt like me
I wonder if you cry like me
I wonder if you live all day in memories like me

There are many things to laugh about forcibly
Like a wind-up doll, like it’s my job, I laugh

Even when I watch TV
Even when I meet my friends
I’m filled with thoughts of you

* repeat

Because I smile every day
Because I show my smiles,
They think I am happy
But how can I smile, how can I smile without you
I smile and I smile but tears flow again

credit: pop!gasa


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