This blog is contained with kpop lyrics with hangul, romanization, and english translation.

I will try to update kpop lyric as much as i can.

I will try to help you to find your request. If i can’t find it for you, i’m deeply apologize for it. 😦

For request or feedback, please give it in the comment box here.Β 

Hope this blog can help you to find kpop lyrics.

Thank you for visiting this blog. πŸ™‚

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34 Responses to "Request"

Can you upload the original video clips of all songs on the album “The Boys” Girl’s Generation?

what do you mean? the music video? the other doesn’t have any music video πŸ™‚

hi, can i request you to give the romanized, hangul, english translation for UKISS – Love of A Friend? thanks.

can u please post INFINITE – Hidden Track hangul + romanization?:)

sorry for late reply
sure πŸ™‚

I wan to request SHINee Senorita hangul+romanization+english.. Can I???

sorry for late reply
ok i will πŸ™‚

Hi πŸ™‚
At first thank you so much, because you’re doing an amazing work!
I’ve indeed a request to make to you πŸ™‚ (sorry hehe)
It’s Lunatic by Daesung for the drama What’s Up (
Thanks in advance ^_^

i’ve already post it πŸ˜€
you’re welcome ^^

WOAW!! Too fast!! Thank you so much!!

2ne1 – Dont Stop The Music

I want “Blind” by TRAX please πŸ˜€

i’m sorry for late reply. Ok πŸ™‚

hi!!~ first i’d like to thank you for your site, you’re awesome:) and would you please do the hangul lyrics + rap for yoon mi-rae’s 검은 행볡 (black happiness)??

ok, i post it already πŸ™‚

Hello, I’ve been trying to find the english translation of “Rush” by Trax but I totally failed

i’m deeply apologize, i also can’t find it 😦

Could you post This Is War – MBLAQ? πŸ™‚

ok πŸ™‚ sorry for late reply..

Can you upload Thank You Lyrics by 2PM pleaaaaseeee :))))

i’m sorry for late reply. ok, i’ll do it πŸ™‚

i want to request B.O.M (Blooming of Our Music) – Only For Love

sorry for late reply.. ok πŸ™‚

First of all, I’d like to thank you for uploading hangeul and translation lyrics. I looked at your blog and found some of JYJ’s 1st album lyrics, but I didn’t find “Be My Girl” lyric. I really like the song and hope you have one. thanks..:))

sorry for late reply.. ok πŸ˜€

Hi, I really like your site, and I would like to request for English translation, I’ve already found the hangul and romanization (links below), sorry if I request too much. Thanks, you’re the best πŸ™‚
2NB – Black Tears (
Baby VOX Re.V – Never Say Goodbye (
Byul – Bikini (
Rubber Duckie – Aniya (
H2 (H-Eugene And Han Soo Yeon) – Heart Attack (
Rumble Fish – What Do We Do (
Rumble Fish – Geurae naege dasi (Flower Blossom In The Spring) (

Hi Andy,
since i can’t translate by myself and just take the lyric from another site, i also find difficulties to find those lyrics.I’m deeply apologize that i can’t find it. However, when i find those lyrics someday, i will post it in this blog.
Thank you for your attention πŸ™‚

Request for
Miss A – Touch
please! ^^

Could you please translate Hwanhee – Everyday?
Thank you!!! ^^

Can I request B.A.P warrior English lyrics?

sorry for late reply, ok πŸ™‚

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